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Sylvie Roussel Méric


Affiliated at the House of the artists

The human being, source of inspirations:

Sylvie Roussel Méric practise drawing and painting since 25 years. The subject of her work, change through her travel. Her theme of predilection being the human figure, subject which always comes back through various cultural approaches:
- Africa and the Middle Orient,
- Flamenco and Bullfighting,
- the Kanak people of New Caledonia
- At present, she prepares a notebook, with watercolour and drawings on her trip in New-Caledonia.

Her itinerary:

Self-taught, she’s training of the drawing. Next she’s followed during five years, a teaching of the Flemish Masters of the 15th century technical. Then she carried out a copy to the:
« Arnolfini Husband and his wife »,
painted by Jan Van Eyck, in 1434.

And currently, she works to the copy to the right shutter of:
« Portinari Triptych » or
« Worship of the shepherds »
painted by Hugo Van der Goes, in 1476.

With the passing of years, her curiosity and her enjoyment to have many experiences with all form of art, brings her to approach and acquired a great number of techniques of art : charcoal, black lead, pastels dry and oil pastels, paint to inks of colours and ink drawing, paint on oil, watercolour, paint on acrylic.

To teach at her turn:

Sylvie Roussel Méric teaches in her turn the various disciplines artistic which it acquired according to the wish of every one. Hers courses are dispensed in her studio to adults and children. Her pedagogy of teaching is based on the stimulation and the encouragement to persevere of the students whatever their aspirations and their aptitudes.


An event, an idea, a council, a news to be divided:

Apart, number 1: Watercolor: luminous colours.

This month in Apart…
We’ll see why it’s necessary to clean our palette.

When we neglect to clean the palette with a brush and clean water before to start painting, and in time of work, we obtain a dirty grey witch lie down on all scale of our colours.

Then, how can we hope obtain the light and pure colour of the Overseas blue, for example if, the cup of blue contain some trace of old blue cobalt witch is opaque, and in add some residue of yellow ochre, who will give a shade of green at our blue.

However, we often need to mix several colours but we must do it judiciously and limit our choice on 3 colours maxi.

Then the work of art will be bright, stirring the light witch we want to translate with watercolour.


tél. : 06 25 47 75 05
SIRET : 342 963 782